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A comprehensive definition which covers essential characteristics can be an “RMC is concrete that is manufactured in a stationary mixer, in a central batching and mixing plant, for delivery or supply to a purchaser in a plastic and unhardened state, requiring no further treatment before being placed in the position where it is to set and to harden.” 

Mechanization and automation in the production of RMC almost totally eliminates various problems including those related to the quality of the concrete. Different raw materials like cement, coarse aggregates, sand, water and admixtures are accurately weighed, correctly proportioned and mixed thoroughly in RMC plants, which are almost 100% computer controlled now-a-days. As a result, the batch-to-batch variation in the quality of concrete is negligible. 

Amigo Conmix hold its own RMC plant, namely, one at Channasandra, Bangalore with a capacity of output more than 800m3 of Ready-mix Concrete in a day with all the assets required for output of material. Transit millers are available on site for the despatch of Ready mix concrete.


Amigo Conmix is a renowned supplier of turnkey Concrete Batching Plant solutions. With many years of experience in the industry, we have numerous installations of various capacities to our credit. We are dedicated to offering you with everything that is needed to run the very heart of your business. In order to produce the highest quality concrete requires Captive (on-site) Concrete Plants for the construction of large civil projects such as roads, bridges, ports, dams, runways, buildings, tunnels etc. 

Amigo solutions are designed to confer maximum flexibity by giving your plant the ideal combination of engineered and proven components. Captive RMC plants offer a variety of advantages - they do not require large foundation and other civil constructions. Time and money can be saved by easy transportation, assemble/disassemble when plant needs shifting from one site to another.